Manggata Grass: Its Benefits You Need to Know

Manggata grass or who has the scientific name Cyperus Rotondus this turned out to have several benefits. Even though this grass often gets blamed as one kind of weed that is troublesome, but it turns out that manggata grass can be beneficial to human health, especially to become one kind of herbal treatment for health disease such as diabetes. You can read how this manggata grass can treat diabetes on

The other benefit of manggata grass for our health is to cure bladder stones. Apparently, the bulbs of this grass when properly boiled and processed can help cure bladder stones. Bladder sting is a symptom in which the urethra is retained by clotting and crystallization of the impurities. This disorder will inhibit the urinary tract. Here’s how to cultivate the bulbs from the manggata grass to treat bladder stones:
– Prepare the bulbs from the manggata grass and then wash
– Blend the wheat grass, then boil until boiling
– Drink the results of the grass jug stump regularly until the stone urine symptoms disappear