About Meat Mincer

Meat grinder machine is a machine used to grind the meat is crushing and smooth the meat to be used for the next process electric mincers. The electric mincers have a function in reducing the solid field to fit the designation in the next process.

The construction consists of a grinding machine powered by a rotating grinding wheel power at the necessary speed (defined by the wheel diameter and the rating manufacturer, usually with a technical calculation formula) and bedding and equipment to guide and hold the piece-work. The mincing head can be managed to travel in the fixed occupation or workable parts while the grinding head stays in position.

The workings of this meat grinder machine are meat that has been cut into a size 50 x 50 x 50 mm put in a container tub. When the manual lever is rotated it will move the screw axle so that it will rotate the ivory grinding process in the reservoir, to enter the existing grinding machine under the meat can be manually assisted by hand to speed up the process of entering the machine, the meat that has been entered will Milled by a screw axle and before exiting it will be chopped up by a knife that is at the end of the machine before the meat comes out. This knife helps to chop the meat to make it smoother the fibres. Engine to be designed with a capacity of 5 kg. You can also use electric mincers.

On a shaft that has a radius or a branch than on each branch when rotating will occur centrifugal force. The centrifugal force is the force that occurs when the object moves in a circle in a direction away from the centre of the circle where the value is positive. If the branches on the pairs are paired together, they will cancel out the centrifugal force experienced by each branch.