Reporting of facts when produced and distributed via the Internet

Online Journalism (Online Journalism) is the reporting of facts produced and disseminated through the internet. In the past, journalism “only” applies to newspapers, magazines, radio,  television and films five mass media communications known as “The Big Five of Mass Media.” Now, journalism is also applicable to the internet or online media so that birth “new science” called online journalism (online journalism). Online journalism such as even quickly developed with the rise of “new journalism” is still within the scope of online journalism: mobile journalism (journalistic car), the activities of journaalism through mobile devices mobile phone, smartphone, computer tablets, Etc. Mobile Journalism increasingly accelerates the process of writing and disseminating news in online media. Journalists can report events (write news) anytime and anywhere, even when an event is in progress.

Online journalism also strengthens or fosters citizen journalism by utilizing blogs or social media (social media). Now, everyone can be a journalist, in the sense of covering events and reporting them over the internet. In terms of reporting techniques – interviews, data research, observation, there is no difference between online journalism and conventional journalism (print and electronic). The main differentiator is the format and style of writing (online writing style) concerning the aspect of readability and scannability considering the online news consumed by the reader through the computer screen. The format and style of writing the work of online journalism are different from conventional journalism adapted to the way the online media reader.