The Difference between Milkshake and Smoothie

When you are looking at a menu to order drinks, among a selection of choices, you may find a list of milkshakes like Sonic Milkshakes and smoothies. Indeed, the physical appearance of both types of drinks is the same, but why the hell does the name differently? To help you understand, here are the explanations to differentiate both of them.

The term milkshake was first used in 1885, which is used as an alcoholic beverage that serves as a tonic or enhancer. But all changed in 1900, when the milkshake switch function into a healthy drink made from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and added ice cream. Milkshake has a sweet and creamy flavor. This cold drink has characteristics made from milk, ice cream, sugar syrup and ice cubes, whisk together until soft.

Smoothie was first created in Brazil in the 1930s. Called “smoothie” or “smoothie”, this fresh drink is made from fruit, fruit juice and ice cubes blended together until soft. Smoothie is very liked by all circles because it has a fresh fruit flavor and rich in nutritional content. In addition to fruit, smoothies are usually also mixed with honey, milk, yogurt and ice cream.